Marianne Baer, Artist & Owner of Baer Designs, Inc.

Marianne Baer, Artist & Owner of Baer Designs, Inc.

Marianne Baer

As an Artist, I am a fearless creator with a strong, energetic and positive force.  I LOVE the process of starting from nothing and making something.  I call that Practice

My artwork and I are continually evolving.  The varied transitions in my work are born of the need to explore and learn more and more about everything around me. 

I worked in ceramics, making both functional and non-functional handbuilt pieces, for many years. I sold my ceramic pieces commercially to Disney (where they ran a line of my dinnerware and various other serving pieces) and in juried Art Shows and Fairs across the country.

The clay surface decorations were based on my love of texture and pattern while my deep love of Folk Art , Nature and my years of international travel influence my images.

I continue to advance these ideas by repurposing upcycled materials, especially old natural fiber sweaters. The evolution from hard clay to soft, warm, colorful, textured fabric was a no-brainer for me. I enjoy the opportunity to re-invent that old sweater or scrap, challenge it and myself to go where I have never gone before; soft wall sculptures, felted jewelry and wearables.

In my current work, I use the photos that I have taken, transfer them to upcycled cotton and hand stitch the details. I feel as though I am painting with thread and other fibers. The end result is more of a fabric photo, a textural mystery that creates an interplay between the viewer and the piece.

As a working artist and a dedicated teacher, I want to help others tap into their own inner artist and encourage them to experiment without being judged. Practicing trial and error again and again, we can lose our “fear of failure’ and gain self-confidence so we can release that ingrained sense of good or bad.

There is no “wrong” in art!

I hope my love of life is obvious in my artwork and teaching!